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From breeding to packaging;

complete chain control of our frozen pet food!


Discrete packaging

The content is not visible thanks to the black, freezer-safe packaging, avoiding confusion with products intended for human consumption.


Even after multiple uses, the packaging can be resealed effectively and is leak-free. This is good for hygiene, and it prevents freezer burn to the greatest possible extent.

Wide selection

There’s a wide selection of weights, so that your pet always gets the product that’s right for it.

About us

Blijkie is strongly specialised in the complete chain of frozen animals of prey; from vet-supervised breeding up to and including packaging. We deliver in all Member States of the EU, but we’re active outside the EU too.

Blijkie packaging has been developed to store frozen pet food alongside products intended for human consumption. Our motto “healthy food for healthy animals” translates into a reliable end product, but also stands for optimum living conditions for our animals of prey.


Black Foil Line


Product codeDescriptionPacker perSizeEAN
BL615Day old Chicken8ca 40 gr8719325173246


Product codeDescriptionPacker perSizeEAN
BL600Mouse pups251-2cm8719325173093
BL601XXL Mouse pups12± 4 cm8719325173109
BL602Mouse Fluffs25± 4 cm8719325173116
BL604Small Mice15± 5 cm8719325173130
BL605Regular Mice15± 6 cm8719325173147
BL606Large Mice15± 7 cm8719325173154
BL607Jumbo mice10± 11 cm8719325173161


Product codeDescriptionPacker perSizeEAN
BL608Babyrat20± 7 cm8719325173178
BL609Rat Fluffs10± 9 cm8719325173185
BL610Small Weaner6± 12 cm8719325173192
BL611Large Weaner4± 13 cm8719325173208
BL612Small Rats3± 15 cm8719325173215
BL613Regular rats3± 17 cm8719325173222
BL614Large rats3± 29 cm8719325173239



Product codeDescriptionPacker perSizeEAN
BL520Day-old chicken8ca 40 gr8717568361130


Product codeDescriptionPacker perSizeEAN
BL501Mouse pups blister10 blisters x 121-2 cm8717568363516
BL502Mouse pups251-2 cm8717568362199
BL503Mouse flufs25± 4 cm8717568362205
BL504Small mice15± 5 cm8717568362205
BL505Regular mice15± 6 cm8717568362243
BL506Large mice15± 7 cm8717568362267
BL530XXL mouse pups12± 4 cm8718868134974
BL531Jumbo mice10± 11 cm8718868134981


Product codeDescriptionPacker perSizeEAN
BL507Baby rat20± 7 cm8717568363202
BL508Rat flufs10± 9 cm8717568363219
BL509Small weaner6± 12 cm8717568363226
B510Large weaner4± 13 cm8717568363233
B511Small rats3± 15 cm8717568363240
B512Regular rats3± 17 cm8717568363257
B513Large rats3± 29 cm8717568363264


As Blijkie products consist solely of fresh animals of prey, with no added preservatives, they have a limited shelf life outside the freezer. So be sure to store the product in the freezer at -18°C.

Open the plastic packaging using the tabs at the top of the packaging. Then put the animal of prey in a small, sealable container and put it in the refrigerator (4-7°C) to allow it to defrost. Once the product has defrosted, you can feed it to your pet or keep it in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days. Serve at room temperature.


Blijkie products are raw animal feed and naturally contain a variety of bacteria. These bacteria will not make your pet ill. That said, it is important to respect certain hygiene rules.

Defrost the animal in a sealable container in order to ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with your own food. Wash all items that have been in contact with the animal carefully in hot water and washing-up liquid. The higher the temperature, the faster the bacteria will multiply. Ensure that no flies get near the feed; flies can spread the bacteria.

Download our hygiene rules


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